A God in Ruins

 a God in Ruins

We had very mixed thoughts on this book. And what about that twist at the end, eh? Who was ready for that? But even more importantly  who understood it? I gasped aloud and then, in an instant, I hated the book as I felt that I had been deceived!! After getting over the shock, and re reading parts, I have decided that it was a very good read, great character development, wonderfully developed stories and well intertwined, but I still wish the ending had been different!


17 thoughts on “A God in Ruins

  1. I’m in! Well done Jan, website technician extraordinaire. Here is my very boring comment regarding ‘A God in Ruins.’
    This is a brilliant book and you absolutely have to read it. Yes, it has a slow start but from the middle onwards it becomes spell binding and her description of Teddy’s experiences in the air with Bomber command is a great piece of dramatic writing which is enthralling and moving and I felt we owe it to them to know what happened during that part of the war.
    There is a twist of gargantuan proportions at the end which turns the whole book on its head; some will love what she did, whilst others like me will be upset by it but whichever way you feel about it it will definitely be a massive talking point; please don’t try and find out what the twist is because it will ruin the book in advance.
    I thought it picked up greatly from the point when she started to describe Teddy’s experiences with Bomber command; that part was so gripping and nail biting and could be seen as a moving, poignant testimonial to all those who died during the war. I actually quite liked the leaps she made in chronology and wanted to explore the mystery which hangs over Nancy but maybe you haven’t reached that part yet? Finding out what happened to Nancy is yet another shocking talking point!

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    1. Like you, I was also upset by the 2 page twist! Phut!! All that I read just went up in smoke! Not sure that I thought it brilliant but I did enjoy and I loved the characters we met on the way – some in more depth than others. I am going to read Life After Life …… I think!


  2. I liked the story but just too much jumping around. When she went back, the story jumped forward and then back again. The story in the bomber were brilliant and in some ways there was not enough considering the story was about Teddy. I felt sorry for his grandkids especially Sonny! Personally I feel it was a good story but could have been laid out differently. I found it very hard to follow what was happening at the beginning but perservered but the twist left a disappointment.

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    1. I don’t seem to have an edit button on your blog; perhaps edit buttons can only be used by the named blogger? I also seem to have acquired three blogs of my own now which is a massive mistake of gargantuan proportions but I haven’t got the technical skills to streamline them into one; oh lord, I think I’m going to have a stroke.. One of these wretched aforementioned blogs has a black and white baronial dining hall as its signature logo picture staring out at you in gloomy boringness and I can’t change that either which is extremely annoying as I don’t do baronial! ( not sure there’s such a word as boringness but you know what I mean)


    1. I think you just write some comments about the books we have read or want to read, Julie. Just join in the conversation. I can also add you to our Book Club page on Facebook. You’re more than welcome to join our meetings, too. plenty of reading, eating and drinking!


      1. No, I’m still reading the Buried Giant which is set in sub Roman Briton and describes the journey of two ancient Britons across our bygone land where the population have all lost their memories; it’s written in the style of a gentle fable with strong magical/ fantasy elements. Unluckily my book clubs clashed so I now have two books to read and as the Ogmore club meets first I’m rushing my way through Giant and feel no pressure whatsoever to complete both in time, lol. Is Room short?

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  3. Yes ish. Readable in a few days. I didn’t like it much. Bleak and very disturbing but it was the characterisation that got to me. I won’t say much more until you read it. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else has to say about it.


  4. A God in Ruins felt like it was written just for me. As a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, non-chronological storytelling interests me greatly. The constant changing of point-of-view and timeline keeps the story fresh and also means moving between emotions can be as simple as turning a page. The characters are excellently written, especially our hero Teddy. And make no mistake, Teddy is a hero. Conventionally, as a war-hero (and as all heroes do, Teddy would not accept this title) but also unconventionally. He’s not a perfect husband, father or man, even but he tries so hard. And that is heroic in itself. Viola, a character i absolutely hated eventually became the subject of my pity and empathy. I hope the author writes a sequel about Teddy’s granddaughter, Bertie Moon – but i know that probably won’t happen (for spoilery reasons). And speaking of which; that ending. I liked it very much but can completely understand why others may feel cheated or even depressed. But my view is that it is not the job of an author to make you happy – it is their job to make you feel. And Kate Atkinson did that greatly. The ending further stamps the idea that war is not just about the loss of individuals, but the loss of families and futures. And it is heartbreaking. But as the old cliché goes: “the journey is more important than the destination”. And Teddy Todd’s journey culminates in entertaining me AND making me philosophise. So i’m happy. **** out of *****.


    1. That’s a great review Adam. What I love about Book Club is how it opens up our eyes to things on the written page that we might not have considered. When reading alone you have tunnel vision (my opinion) but with discussion on the text and listening to other points of view, and seeing things through someone else’s eyes it is quite possible to change your opinion of a book. Maybe even re-read it!! I enjoyed this book, not the end as I felt cheated, but I will keep in mind your wonderful cliche – ‘the journey is more important than the destination’ next time I think of the book and the end may become easier to accept!


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