Jewels In The Net of the Gods


I am putting this on the blog as this book is written by my wonderful long-time friend Lorell Frysh. It is now available on Amazon but to date, there are no reviews so let’s get the ball moving. Looking forward to reading what you have to say about it.


2 thoughts on “Jewels In The Net of the Gods

  1. I must update my original blog and say that the book now has 18 reviews on Amazon and they all rate this book with 5 stars! Here is one comment written by Normaly:

    ‘This slender jewel of a book is filled with magic, wisdom, and enchantment. Every luscious word has been chosen with infinite care, and the stories within stories drip with beauty and mystery. It is a pleasure to lose oneself in the boundless, overlapping circles of time, where lives and destinies intertwine, mingle, separate, and meet again. This is a beautiful book that brings comfort and meaning to the lives of souls through the ages. For those on a spiritual journey, here is gentle guidance to the search for pathways to the truth and light within yourself.’

    Wow. I have just begun reading so I am looking forward to going on this enchanting journey and meeting these mystical characters.


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