rubyHas anybody read this book yet? I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about it! I loved it to begin with but not anymore!! I will reserve all thoughts and comments until I finish reading it!! I may be some time!


Check out this interview with Cynthia Bond.








4 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. Ruby
    Oh wow I’ve just finished the book and think that it was absolutely awesome. Harrowing, shocking, gripping, disturbing, poignantly moving, uniquely original, I will be thinking about this book long after I’ve finished reading it. I loved her beautiful prose with her striking metaphors/ similes such as ‘he slung words around her like comets soaring’ ‘ the manners tacked on like pictures to hide the cracks.’ There was another great one comparing her mental pain to toothache but I can’t find it now; actually her writing is packed full of the most original similes and reads like poetry; wish I could write like that, what a gift to be given. She’s obviously passionate about the subject of racial conflict and I was shocked to realise that it was set as recently as in the fifties; it’s hard to believe that as a race we humans can be so cruel to each other and our children and horrible to think that such horror is still going on, sometimes hidden under the guise of religious hypocrisy. Parts of it moved me to tears, for example the stories of Otha, Neva, Tanny and I wonder what happened to the author herself in her youth as I think I read somewhere that it’s partially based on her own life experiences. I like the way she touches upon mental health issues too and exposes the ignorance and fear which lies endemic in society regarding this although it would seem that Ruby is not actually mad at all but literally haunted by demons and able to communicate with spirits; unluckily she is not freed from the evil Reverand even after his death. I’ve rambled on far too long as usual but am sure Ruby will make an interesting discussion and am glad that I’ve read such a thought provoking novel even though concepts behind parts of it made such disturbing and harrowing reading.

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    1. I loved this book and will inevitably return to it. The description of Ruby imagining herself as a tree whilst being abused perfectly conveyed the state of disassociation which she used to protect herself during abuse. When Ephram learnt Ruby’s story through the brushing of her hair which contained her secrets I was reminded of how sexual abuse can become part of a persons DNA and in the process define who they become. This feels like an important novel. An uncomfortable awakening to the horrors of abuse for some but at the same time a reminder of the power of love in the wonderful Ephram who I adored and who made the horrors of Ruby’s experiences easier to bear.

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  2. I’m aware that i’m in the minority here, but i’m used to that. But for the most part, i hated this book. I say “for the most part” as there are some really wonderful bits. And by “wonderful”, i mean “harrowing but well-written”. The description of 14 year old Ruby giving birth was disturbing. However, the writing style is rather erratic, with seemingly random descriptions that don’t have any reference to the plot. For instance, in the middle of plot-heavy moments, the author often stops describing what is actually happening and starts rambling about random nonsense. There is a mildly interesting story here but the author decided to make her writing dream-like – a strange choice considering how dark the story is. What i did like was how evil almost every character in the book is. Reverend Jennings for obvious reasons, but all the churchgoers are absolute scumbags. Celia, with her emotional blackmail is a particularly nasty cow. ** out of ***** for me.

    Additional question i had:

    Why were all the women wearing wigs? Wasn’t explained.


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