The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

17679533._UY200_I have just finished reading The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress. Oh my! What a disappointing ending to such a great book!! I couldn’t believe it!! It was typically that dreadful feeling you get when you read and throughly enjoy a book then find that the last few pages are missing, or you leave the book somewhere just as you get to the end! It was a great read! Brilliant characters, all rather unnerving and not exactly likeable, but worth getting to know. A journey you just know is going to come to some shocking denouement and you can’t wait to get there but don’t really want the journey to come to and end as the events that occur on the way are thrilling, leaving you wanting more! But then you finally arrive at the story’s destination, and BOOM! nothing happens!! Harold and Rose travel across America together to meet this elusive character they both know but through very different reasons. You don’t really get to know much about him, yet you are looking forward to meeting him, but he doesn’t materialise! You are left wondering what part did Rose play in the story? She didn’t need to be in it! How does it really end? I don’t know! It may make some sense if you know anything about conspiracy stories around the assassination of Robert Kennedy but I wasn’t aware of any links between that event and a girl in a polka dot dress so I had to do some research! This was a wonderfully written book with some great characterisation but the worst ending I have ever read! I was so disappointed! What did you think?


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