July – Wicked Ugly Bad

I can’t find a hard copy of this book so having to read it on a Kindle app on the laptop!!

wicked ugly bad

Has anyone read this book yet?? I look forward to reading it after I have finished reading ‘Girl on a Train’ which, by the way, I am loving.

Happy Reading! All comments are welcomed! Thank you


5 thoughts on “July – Wicked Ugly Bad

  1. Where do I start with this book other than by saying I absolutely hated it. I’ll admit, I didn’t even finish this book. Like Sam fox’s ill advised music career, this book seemed very dated and in poor taste. From the opening scene in a mental institute it starts its lazy tour of all the major cliches. Perhaps it’s my background in psychology but the language used in these opening scenes do little to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. For me this book was full of cliches, lay character development and predictable plots.
    Bring on the next book…


  2. Well Luke, I loved it! I understand and respect your opinions but it was a tongue in cheek, good v bad laugh out loud read. I don’t think it meant to offend in any way and it was nice to read something very much off the wall! I’m going of the sequel!! I presume you’re not!!


  3. Wicked, Ugly, Bad is crap, written for the people who like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. Yet i quite liked it – go figure! Everything Luke said is correct – it’s drivel. But i found it strangely enjoyable. Too many authors try to show off their clever writing and often impress us. But sometimes their work is pretentious and boring. Not the case with Wicked, Ugly, Bad. This books is written simply and has no intention of doing anything other than entertain, which for me, it did. There are so many unoriginal ideas in the book. The whole “alternate fairytale world” has been done to death – but in spite of this, i STILL didn’t hate it. I may be slightly biased, though, as the book reminded me of one of the greatest tv shows ever made (and the tie-in novel) ‘The 10th Kingdom’ which i obsessed over as a child (and is far better than W.U.B too!). The first chapter involving Cinderella and her mice guards made me recoil in disgust, impressing me greatly. After American Psycho, nothing really disturbs me, but this chapter was wonderfully disgusting. I may read the next story in the series, even though i’m fully aware it’s basically a depraved, fantasy Mills & Boon novel. *** out of *****.


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