July 19th-Wicked Ugly Bad

Good night last night.



It comes to something when you clearly remember little people playing in the sand and the dress-up corner in the Reception Class who then grow up to be 26 year olds and end up with their ‘old’ teacher in a Book Club!! Well, that’s what’s happening here!! So nice to see Luke and Adam join us last night and hope they will stick around with us!!

We weren’t many at book club last night but we had a lovely time out on the decking at the Celtic Lodge, eating and drinking and chatting although not much chatting about the book I must add as Adam and Luke hated it, Julie hadn’t read it and Kate is only half way through but enjoying it!! Joan and I read it and loved it!! It’s a completely, whacky, off the wall read but it does make you laugh, groan and splutter out load!!

The story starts with Scarlett (Letty) Riding thrown into the Wicked Ugly and Bad Mental Health Treatment Center and Maximum Security Prison for attacking step-sister Cindy with a hatchet at the ball. How glad are we to know this after the way those 2 ugly sisters treated their lovely, kind and helpful step-sister. But! Have we been misled all these years? Didn’t we ever stop to think that maybe Cinderella was just a bit too good to be true? Was there more to her than meets the eye?? She was beautiful, kind, sweet and self-less, so had to be born good. The step sisters were ugly, self-centred, lazy and cruel so had to be born bad!! We never doubted what we read BUT – could it be that Cindy was so clever, that she pulled the wool over our eyes? That is was she, Cinderella, who was the mastermind behind an evil bid for power!! Would we have ever believed that this demure young thing with a cleaning  fetish was enjoying very colorful sexual acts while in the process – described in vivid detail that will make you shout ‘ewww’ out loud and never look at her in the same way again!! Find out about Cindy and her step-sisters and all the members of the Tuesday morning ‘share circle’. Meet Marrok Wolf the alpha male to die for and watch the way they all tackle the bigger issue “Are people really born all bad or all good? Aren’t we all a little bit of both? Shouldn’t we judge people on their behavior instead of the circumstances of their birth? Can’t we all just get along?”

Post your comments and tell us what you think!!


wicked ugly bad

Our next chosen books are ‘The Truth and Other Lies’ by Sascha Arango and ‘Fishbowl’ by Bradley Somer. We will take a beak for August and get back together again in September so 2 books to read by then!! Happy Summer Reading all!

The Truth and Other Lies-Blue       Fish Bowl








One thought on “July 19th-Wicked Ugly Bad

  1. Wicked, Ugly, Bad is crap, written for the people who like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. Yet i quite liked it – go figure! Everything Luke said is correct – it’s drivel. But i found it strangely enjoyable. Too many authors try to show off their clever writing and often impress us. But sometimes their work is pretentious and boring. Not the case with Wicked, Ugly, Bad. This books is written simply and has no intention of doing anything other than entertain, which for me, it did. There are so many unoriginal ideas in the book. The whole “alternate fairytale world” has been done to death – but in spite of this, i STILL didn’t hate it. I may be slightly biased, though, as the book reminded me of one of the greatest tv shows ever made (and the tie-in novel) ‘The 10th Kingdom’ which i obsessed over as a child (and is far better than W.U.B too!). The first chapter involving Cinderella and her mice guards made me recoil in disgust, impressing me greatly. After American Psycho, nothing really disturbs me, but this chapter was wonderfully disgusting. I may read the next story in the series, even though i’m fully aware it’s basically a depraved, fantasy Mills & Boon novel. *** out of *****.


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