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Summer Reading

Fish Bowl

A lot of mixed reviews for this book on Goodreads. I was enjoying it until the book disappeared! I hate losing books but I have had a number of mishaps recently with pages falling out of a book whilst on holiday 3 weeks ago, then same book getting covered in a squashed nectarine I happened to have put in the same bag as my my book, AND same book getting wet by a beach towel so it got much thicker and contributed to the falling pages!!


Said b511q3XO0C1Look was  a cheeky little holiday read that I indulged in while in Barcelona a few weeks go. It was called ‘The Girl with a Clock for a Heart’ by Peter Swanson. A great beach and balcony read but what an infuriating end! The story has some twists and turns and is really fast paced. I got into it quickly and although it isn’t a great book I did find it difficult to put down once I started. It is a thriller of sorts with gentle George being played for a fool by his first love, Liana/ Jane/ Audrey, who re-appears in his life some years later and thus begins the thrilling journey which ends ludicrously! I actually thought that I had indeed lost pages from the book and read the ending over and over  just to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything but no – the book had finished!! The end reminded me of stories I have read over the years written by school pupils who run out of ideas on how their story will end and just simply finish quite a well written narrative with two lines as they can’t really be bothered to think any more!! I felt cheated by the author, and very resentful of the time I felt I had wasted. In summary, there was a good story in here somewhere but Mr Swanson, in my opinion, got lost on the way and could not be bothered, just like those students , to work out a satisfying end to his story!

However, with this in mind, this novel isn’t anything hugely different but it’s certainly entertaining, and I would recommend it as a fun, intriguing read for the summer!