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The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

harryThis was a BIG favourite of us all in Book Club! Great book!! Joan is going to re-read it as her perspective of the story was different from others but isn’t that the joy of a group of people getting together after reading the same written piece of work? Different views, different ideas; some love it some hate it, can take it or leave it! I love Book Club.

And now over to Adam. He is the review writer for this book. Once again, please get involved and write  your comments on this book. Thank you.

Adam – I wasn’t expecting much from this book. The title put me off a bit. It’s a longwinded title but it does suit the story – a tale of lies, love, murder and ambition that spirals almost endlessly. Every question raised is answered eventually…..but only after another 3 questions have been created! The plot is labyrinthine and I found almost every character to be worthy of my suspicion. Who killed Nola Kellergan? I can imagine any of them doing it! The characters were well-written and relatable – but after reading so many books and seeing so many films, I knew the killer would be low on my suspect list. The book makes it clear that a certain character is the killer…..but then is revealed as a red herring. And this occurs a few times. Utterly wonderful storytelling technique. The protagonist is excellent – flawed and, let’s be honest, a bit of a jerk, but i still wanted his investigation (and writing career) to succeed. Harry, too, is a brilliant character – the Yoda to Marcus’ Padawan Luke – and acts as a mentor, friend and even a saboteur. But the star of the novel is Nola Kellergan. Many questions are raised regarding age of consent, what love actually is and even the eternal war between the heart and the brain – all due to Nola. Nola herself is a magnet – receiving adoration from the whole town of Somerset, bordering on idolatry. The fifteen year-old is a character of such complication and delight – beautiful but tormented. During an interaction in the novel between Marcus and his assistant, Denise, this discussion occurs:
“…that young girl, that Nola. I think i love her too”. I smiled and said “I think everyone loved her, Denise. Everyone.”
For me, these short few lines sum up the entire book and Nola herself. Everybody loved Nola Kellergan. I think i loved her too.

For me, personally, this is my Book of the Year 2016. I know it was technically released in 2012 originally and 2014 in English for the first time but I don’t care. It’s the best thing I read in 2016.


AND there’s going to be a film/mini-series. Read here for more info!! Ooooooo. Excited!!

harry quebert



The Dry

This was a very quick read. In fact, it took me two days only, reading into the early hours of the morning. I could not put it down. It was engrossing and a compelling whodunit crime mystery / thriller and it drew me in right from the very first chapter. Was is a literary masterpiece? No. Did it create a lot of discussion at Book Club? Not really as there  is no real depth and substance to the novel apart from it being a great mystery/ whodunit but it was enjoyed by everyone as it was a bit of light relief! Is it unforgettable? Probably not!saying 2

The DryThe Dry is a story of 2 mysteries. The first set in the present where we meet Aaron Falk returning to his hometown to attend his friend Luke’s funeral—his friend who apparently has committed suicide after murdering his wife and their young son, Billy, but leaving his young daughter alive. The second mystery is set in the past and deals with the killing of Luke and Aaron’s friend Elle, 17 years before, or was her death suicide too?

You sense Falk’s longing to leave his home town after the funeral and get back to his city life and leave behind this village that has haunting memories for him. He is not well received back home and from the outset you know that he is an outcast who has run away from a deep dark past secret. But Luke’s curiosity and suspicions of the brutal murder of his friend’s family and Luke’s own suicide does not lie true with him. He is unable to leave and feels compelled to stay and investigate the mystery that enshrouds the drought stricken village of Kiewarra. What is this 20 year secret that  Aaron is hiding?

‘You lied. Luke lied.’

Luke knows that by trying to resolve the current mystery alongside the only person willing to listen to him, Detective Raco, he is going to resurrect unpleasant memories of his past, re-opening revelations that threaten to tear apart this small little town, once again. Tensions and emotions are high and the heat even higher!

Most of her main characters, Aaron Falk in particular, are well-developed despite their clichéd dialogue, and her description of the barren landscape, the dry river bed and the heat in particular, bring the book to life and tie up well with the end!

The last third of the novel was a bit of a letdown as is begins to slow down and becomes a little dry – pardon the pun! Personally I was expecting a hugely exciting denouement but it was a bit of a disppointment and resolved very quickly, as if Ms Harper was unsure how to bring the novel to a satisfactory conclusion. It was rather anti-climatic!  I have to admit that I guessed the culprit a few chapters before the end but we were not unanimously in agreement with the demise of Elle! Could soemthing else have happend to her?? I can’t say too much or it will spoil the story for you!

We didn’t love it – it didn’t change our lives – but this was a fun read and gave us more  time in Book club to eat drink and talk about other issues!!

I am being very generous by giving the book four-star-review but I’m not sure that everyone feels the same! Please leave a comments with your thoughts on this novel. Thank you!